Diabetic Medical Alert Bracelets - For Kids!

Despite the efforts to control diabetes, an emergency still may happen. The worst case scenario would be to find yourself in a position where people need to know that you have diabetes, but you are unable to tell them. In such circumstances, a medical alert bracelet could save your life.

Buy a good quality medical alert bracelet from the start. If you opt for saving money, you may find that the bracelets break or fade causing you to buy ANOTHER one.

If you can't afford a medical alert bracelet, keep a note in your purse or wallet explaining that you're diabetic, along with a list of any medications you're taking or are allergic to. This could save your life in an emergency.

Typically, the following information is important to list on the back of your medical alert bracelet: NAME, TYPE of DISEASE, DR. NAME, DR. PHONE NUMBER, HOME PHONE NUMBER.