Joshua A. Goff, Esquire.
Hampton, VA Attorney

Here are the details of how I got to know Joshua A. Goff - a Hampton, VA attorney.

My husband, David Mixon, was arrested on December 9, 2011 on nine felony counts of sexual abuse against my daughter (his step-daughter). Those nine counts turned into 20 felony counts after the full details were exposed. I can't tell you how horrifying this has been for me - finding out that my only beloved daughter was abused by who I thought was my beloved husband.

The first arraignment was in February - it is now June and he still hasn't been arraigned. The third lawyer that he tried to hire was Joshua Goff. David's only source of money was his 401K through the Thrift Saving's Plan - and since he was a federal employee, my signature was required for them to release any money to him. David pursued me relentlessly to get me to sign, or to get me to waive my rights. Joshua also pursued me to sign. I offered my signature in exchange for a fair percentage of the funds that were rightfully mine. He would not agree.

So, he thought that he would try to bypass my signature. How can he do this, you ask? He concocted a plan to say he was single - unmarried - and see if TSP would not notice. But he needed an accomplice. Any guesses on who that might be?? Yes - Joshua Goff! Joshua Goff faxed in the fraudulent form from his office to TSP. And it worked! TSP released 100% of the funds to David ... even though I had called them and warned them that he might try to pull something. David is now facing a felony count of fraud that is punishable by up to 5 years in prison for what he did. And Joshua is also being pursued by TSP for his role in the fraud.

TSP called Joshua Goff to tell him that the form he faxed was being challenged by the wife. And Joshua had the nerve to say he didn't know what was on the fax! Liar! To make matters worse, he accepted the dirty money as a retainer. It was only after I had to hire an attorney and file an emergency hearing to try to get the funds frozen that his firm got involved and backed out of representing David. Shame on Joshua Goff. A complaint of unethical behavior has been filed with the Virginia Bar Association. I urge you to hire another lawyer. There are plenty who abide by a code of ethics.

Here's the email I sent Joshua on May 9, 2012:

Dear Joshua,

I am extremely disappointed in you – that you faxed the fraudulent form in to TSP for David, and then accepted the “dirty money” as your retainer payment. The money he has in his TSP is all the money there is.

Here’s the problem, Joshua. Your firm may have stepped in and withdrew from representing David, but now all that money (once your firm returns it) is available for him to use on someone else, leaving me with …… nothing.

You made a big mistake by being so corrupt – a mistake that is effecting me personally and I am not amused. This is a mistake that can’t be reversed – because TSP can’t do anything about it, the bank can’t do anything about it, the lawyers can’t do anything about it. It’s over.

You started a ball rolling and I have tried everything to stop it – but in the end I keep getting the same result … nothing.

So - I want you to know how your decision to be corrupt has affected me.

I am a single mother. I am raising a child who has been sexually abused for almost 9 years. This is a fact – it’s not in question. In addition to that, she has Type 1 Diabetes. Regardless of all the issues she has faced in her young life, she is a wonderful girl. She is strong and she WILL survive from what David did to her. She will go on to help encourage other abused girls – I’m sure of it.

I am a caring human being who has abided by the rules of society all my life. I have worked very, very hard. People love me because of my thoughtful nature and kind disposition. I love my daughter with every fiber of my being. Having a little bit of money from a divorce settlement gave me a feeling of relief for Isobel’s future. It may have paid for a year of college – or paid for us to be able to stay in this house for her senior year of high school and give her some security – take a well-deserved vacation. Now there is nothing to hope for because you allowed him access.

When Isobel disclosed the abuse to me, my world turned upside down. Do you have children, Joshua? I hope you never have to experience what I have. But please be careful and know that 1 in 3 girls will be sexually abused in their life. Learn about it – it is the only way to protect them. Here’s a good article

I hope that from here on out, you will act ethically because I am trying to show you that there are human beings, real lives, real feelings behind everything that you do.

Take care. I am working on forgiving you.

Lisa Bishop (David Mixon’s wife)

What do I want from Joshua? I want what he stole from me ......... and a sincere apology. This page can be 301 redirected to an ad at anytime, Joshua. Your call.


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